Ago Uvezian B104W

Model: B104W Name: Ago Uvezian Price: $425 CDN Description: This cigar box guitar began its previous life as the container for Avo Heritage cigars. The neck is a through body design and is composed of Black Walnut, the fret board is Oak with walnut fret dots. The headstock is our own custom design and has a walnut veneer laminate top surface. The tuners are black open gear tuners with Pearl rubber knobs. The electric guitar sound is created through the incorporation of a single wound humbucker pick up, 1/4″ Jack plug and 500 ohm volume pot. A Chrome speed knob faces the volume control. Brass antiqued box corners grace this guitar and add a nice cosmetic touch. An open 2″ sound hole and 3 screened 1″ sound holes allow for a very nice acoustic sound. The guitar is a 3 string and is tuned to open “G”. This guitars action is nicely set up for slide guitar playing.







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