Jeep B108B

Model: B108B
Name: Jeep
Price: $435 CDN

This guitar began its life as a Oliva Connecticut Reserve, it is a through body design and is using a Cherry neck with Oak fret board, this guitar is fretless and has inlayed walnut fret markers, a fantastic wife guitar has a headstock which we designed to look like the old military Jerry can. The gift has sound holes that are opened to look just like the classic Jeep front grill and headlights, these openings really create a wonderful acoustic playing experience, but this guitar has another little secret, it is also an electric guitar, under that gorgeous ebony bridge lies a piezo pick up, coupled with a 1/4″ Jack plug and Stratocaster Jack plate. The 500 ohm volume control houses a black knerelled volume knob. Flat black box corners and a fabulous flat military green paint job elevate this guitar. The tuners have black enclosed gears and black rubber knobs. The guitar is a 3 string tuned to open “G”. This is a really fun guitar to play.







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