Romeo & Julietta CDN B108C

Name: Romeo & Julieta CDN
Model: B108C
Price: $475 CDN

A Romeo Y Julieta cigar box was the inspiration for this guitar. The guitar neck terminates inside of the body. The neck is made of maple, the fret board is Padauk and the guitar heal is a laminated Maple and Padauk wafer. This custom designed head stock is embellished with a Canadian Maple leaf flag, painted and coated with many costs of acrylic laquer. The box has two Canadian flag sound holes. The Padauk bridge is sporting a piezo pick up under it, the 1/4″ pick up Jack is mounted to a Chrome Stratocaster Jack pick up and the 500 ohm volume control is sporting a Chrome speed knob. The tuners are enclosed Chrome with Chrome tuner knobs.The guitar is a 3 string open “G” tuning and has a medium action. This box is quite heavy and has wonderful sustain.







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