Ashton VSG B110B

Name: Ashton VSG
Model: B110B
Price: $ 475 CDN

This guitar got its start as an Ashton VSG cigar box, the Cherry neck is terminated inside of the guitar. A Maple fret board and walnut heal give a fantastic base for the sound produced by this guitar. Black acrylic fret dots and neck markers really stand out. The head stock is a custom design created by Bereti Designs. Under the ebony bridge is a piezo electric pick up. The 1/4″ pick up Jack is housed in a black Stratocaster Jack plate and the 500 ohm volume control utilizes a Gibson style acrylic knob. A black 2″ sound hole graces the front of this box. Black strap buttons and enclosed black tuners as a nice touch to the box. A black laser cut tail stock give a wonderful mounting point for the guitar strings. The guitar is a 3 string and is currently tuned to open “G”.







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