Flor De Las Antillas B120W

Name: Flor De Las Antillas Model: B120W Price: $ 495 CDN Description: This guitar began as a Flor De Las Antillas cigar box. The neck is a through body design with the neck made of Cherry, the fret board is made from Padauk wth white acrylic fret dots and side neck markers. The headstock is a traditional straight through design and has 6 coats of acrylic laquer. The box has “F” holes with for screening for a very good acidic sound. The bridge is made from Padauk and has a piezo pick up directly underneath it. A 1/4″ pick up Jack and 500 ohm volume control finish off the electric guitar electronics, Chrome speed volume knob and Chrome strap buttons and antique box corners finish off this guitar. The cigar box decals are exquisite and highly detailed. This guitar is a 3 string and is currently tuned to open “G”.







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