Vintage Connecticut B126C

Name: Vintage Connecticut
Model: B126C
Price: $ 495 CDN

This guitar once carried Monte Cristo Vintage Connecticut cigars. The guitar is a through body neck design and incorporates an Oak neck and Padauk fret board. The fret board used black acrylic fret dots and side neck markers. The headstock is a traditional straight through design with Chrome enclosed tombstone tuners. The guitar houses a snake oil humbucker pickup and a stainless steel threaded rod floating bridge. The 1/4″ pick up is mounted in a Chrome Stratocaster Jack plate, 500 ohm volume pot and Chrome volume knob with Ruby indicator call off the electronic. Chrome 1″ screened sound holes, Chrome strap buttons and box corners finish this guitar off wonderfully. This guitar is a 3 string tuned to open “G”. The country scene on this box really make this guitar appealing.







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