Mustang B132W

Name: Mustang Model: B132W Price: $ 595 Description: This guitar began its life as a Rocky Patel 15th anniversary cigar box. This box has been highly modified to create this stunning instrument. The neck is terminated inside the body of the cigar box, it is made of Maple, the fret board is made of Santos Rosewood chosen for its highly figured grain. The neck fret dots and neck markers are acrylic white and punch right out of the wood. The headstock and guitar body have 8 coats of black, slightly metallic, automotive paint and the entire body, neck and headstock have 7 costs of acrylic laquer. The custom designed and applied vinyl decals give this guitar is theme. The tuners are Chrome open gear with white rubber knobs. The cigar box body is adorned with a Chrome 2″ screened sound hole. This guitar is a Chrome 3 string Hardtail bridge and a piezo pick up directly under it. A 1/4″ pick up Jack, 500 ohm volume control with a Chrome volume knob with Ruby indicator. The are two Chrome guitar strap holders mounted to the guitar box. This guitar is a 3 string currently tuned to open “G”. The Hardtail bridge allows for adjustment to the height of the playing action. The density of the cigar box creates a fantastic sustain while playing it electrically. This guitar is a stunningly beautiful instrument.







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