Fretboard Customization

Fretboard Customization:

At Bereti Designs we purchase all our hardwoods locally and handpick each piece. Only the highest quality wood is chosen to use on our instruments. The wood is cut to dimension in our shop and then worked entirely by hand to be crafted and incorporated into our instruments. Almost any type of hardwood can be used to produce a fretboard, however, we have selected a few that we prefer for their warm tones and the natural beauty of their grain. Some of our preferred hardwoods are black walnut, maple, oak, cherry, padauk and purple heart. Our fret wires are hand cut, inlayed, filed, sanded and polished to a high finish. For our cigar boxes, many scales are available, however, most of our stock line utilize 24” or 25” scales and around 20 to 22 frets. When fret dots and neck markers are incorporated, many options are available including hardwood, acrylic or mother of pearl.







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