Pickups, Electronics and Hardware

Pickups, Electronics & Hardware:

Bereti Designs only uses the highest quality electronics, pickups and volume controls which are constructed specifically for cigar box guitars and other custom built instruments. Our guitar pickups are usually either Piezo, Humbucker, Snake Oil Humbucker or P90’s. Each of these are used specifically for three or four string instruments. These pickups coupled with ¼ inch pickup jack plugs and 500 Ohm volume pots make for an extremely nice playing experience. Preamps, lipstick pickups and various bridge pickups are also available upon customer’s requests. Custom touches really make our instruments stand out, from volume knobs, bridges, jack plates, custom pick guards to ornate box corners. These personalize your instrument and separate it from the crowd. A few of the volume knobs that we typically use are chrome speed knobs, acrylic Gibson style and neuralled chrome, black and gold. We use jack plates from Stratocaster style to Gibson and a wide variety of tuners including exposed gear tuners and closed tuners. A variety of custom box corners are also available including brass, chrome, antiqued and many more. There are so many options and combinations available that it would be impossible to list them all.







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